Corfu Town

  We consider Corfu Town to be one of the nicest and most interesting towns of any of the Greek Islands that we have visited.

   It is a cosmopolitan town, ancient and modern,  with many churches and old Venetian buildings including The Palace of St. Michael and George.  


There are many  tourist shops and traditional Greek eating places in the old narrow streets amongst the older part of the town. The main modern shops, including Marks and Spencer, offices and banks can be found in the streets leading off of San Rocco Square.  There are many  restaurants and snack  bars to be found here  It is usually very  busy with people  shopping and going about there everyday business. It is also busy with traffic even though a one way system operates throughout the town.


There is the Old Fortress that can be entered via the bridge over the channel. Also there is the New Fortress opposite the old port and harbour. This area is mainly  used for car parking.

There is also the new port where the majority of the ferries depart to and fro. Here you will find many  car hire shops and travel agents.

The Esplanade is a lovely  place for a stroll. Here you will find the towns cricket pitch where matches are still played and garden areas where you can rest your weary legs. We found the tavernas in this area to be very expensive.    

We explored the town to appreciate its history  by following a walk taken from The Second Book Of Corfu Walks by Hilary Paipetti. It is well worth doing as the route more or less follows the line of the old town walls and takes in the New and Old Fortress, with good views over the town, a Venetian Well and Museums. It also takes you along the Esplanade through the Arch to include The Palace of St. Michael and George.

The walk starts from San Rocco square and takes you to the Open Market with its fish stalls, fruit and vegetables and herbs and spices.

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Easter celebrations

The festivities at Easter are celebrated in a big way with throwing out of the old pots. All the town bands parade through the streets and at midnight there is a firework display.