Argirades  -  Aghios Georgios         Map

Approximately 5 miles.    Allow 2 hours 30 minutes.


Ascent:- 350 feet

Refreshments:- Tavernas/Cafes at Aghios Georgios

This walk takes you from the centre of Argirades along quiet roads down to  Aghios Georgios and along the coast before turning inland along open tracks and then olive groves and back through the village of Argirades.                   

Start the walk in Argirades at the junction of the Petriti / Kouspades road.

Take the village lane, opposite the junction to Petriti, next to the South Corfu Property shop and follow the lane uphill past the houses and wind down to the bottom, where you ignore a left hand fork, and carry on to the right and take the next left  turn downhill past a bright yellow building on the left hand side.

Carry on down through the shade of the orange and fig trees (there are lovely views of Aghios Georgios and down to the sea ). At the bottom of this concrete road you come to a tarmac road. Turn right here and carry on down through the olives to eventually reach some houses on the outskirts of Aghios Georgios. Ignore a left turn to Villa Anna and carry on until the road bends around to the right. Here turn left passing dustbins on the right and follow this tarmac road to eventually reach the coast road and the resort of Aghios Georgios.

Here turn left and follow the road out of the resort and along the coast with the sea on the right hand side.

There are several accessible places along here to get down to the beach. It soon turns into a rough unmade road.

At its end just before it becomes sandy turn left beside a concrete and wire fence with a white villa in the grounds. Follow this sandy track inland passing grapevines on either side and soon passing prickly pears on the left and several allotment type small holdings and eventually passing a solitary house on the right.

When you reach a main junction of tracks turn right. This track is absolutely covered all the way along with wild flowers and orchids in late April /early May. Carry on down and along this track to eventually go through olive groves.

When reaching a staggered left and then right hand junction, just before a pretty stream with tadpoles in, take the left hand track and follow it until you come to a house just up in front of you. Just before this house turn right up a grassy track and follow it uphill and where it peters out turn left beside a fence along a very indistinct path at the top of a ridge. Follow this indistinct path through the olive groves to eventually reach a grassy track where you bear left to reach a gravel junction.

Here turn right and follow the gravel track uphill. At the next junction bear around to the right and carry on uphill to reach the outskirts of Argirades with a church up on the right hand side. There are panoramic views from the church down to the east and west coasts and inland.

When you reach a sign on the right hand side of a wall “Agios Ioannis” in blue and yellow turn left and left again.

Passing a turn to the left carry straight on at the next junction bearing around to the right and going under neath a bridge of buildings. Here turn right under another bridge of buildings and immediately left next to a church on the corner on the right and go through the small village square passing the telephone box and bakery sign and carry on down to reach the main road.

Here turn left passing the tobacconist kiosk on the right and back to the start of the walk.

argirades.jpg aghios-georgios-view.jpg aghios-georgios-road.jpg aghios-georgios-beach.jpg argirades-church.jpg agios-ioannis-sign.jpg argirades-street.jpg