butterfly 1
scarce swallowtail
The Scarce Swallowtail.
Pearl Bordered Fritillary
Butterflies and Moths of Corfu
This is a Pearl Bordered Fritillary
Southern Comma
The Southern Comma
large-white gonepteryx-rhamni

Gonepteryx-cleopatra butterfly

large-white butterfly

Brimstone butterflies Gomepteryx rhamni

The common swallow-tail

red admiral

A familiar red admiral

Painted lady

Maniola telmessia.jpg

I think this is the Maniola telmessia (a type of meadow brown). this was seen in May.

Large skipper

Marbled White.jpg
Marbled White butterfly

Balkan marbled white Melanargia larissa

Clouded yellow

Silver washed Fritillary (Argynnis paphia

larvae of a Psychidae

larvae of a Psychidae moth which encases itself in plant debris

Humming bird hawkshead moth
Small bath white
Balkan Fritillery