This Montpelier snake was nearly two metres long. This snake is poisonous to small animals but can’t open its mouth far enough to bite humans.
montpelier snake.jpg lizard 1.jpg Balkan whip snake Dalmatian Algyroides hermans tortoise
Hierophis-gemonensis or Balkan whip snake
Tortoises can sometimes be seen in Corfu but even some locals have never seen them this is a Hermanns

This lizard is a Starred Agama introduced into Corfu around 1915

This terrapin  was seen in a few inches of water


This is a Green balkan lizard lacerta viridis


Algyroides moreoticus or Greek Algyroides, found only in southern Greece and the Ionian islands.


This is a turkish-gecko

Dalmatian Algyroides lizard
Rana kurtmuelleri frog
marginated-tortoise greek marsh frog woodchat-shrike

This woodchat shrike was photographed in our garden

White-egrets on lake korission

The Scops owl can be heard day and night during the summer months but is rarely seen due to its excellent camouflage  

Enlarge + sound

Black winged Stilt seen on lake Korission in summer.

Many types of finch can be seen this is a goldfinch

A cock sparrow  with food for its young

collared-dove white-egrets

Reptiles and Birds of Corfu

A hen sparrow  with food for its young

Bee-eaters are sometimes seen in the summer months

2 photos of Flamingoes taken at the saltpans at Lefkimmi

A Robin

This is a juvenile Green balkan lizard
A discarded snake skin
This is a marginated tortoise.
Rana lessonae / Pool frog
A painted frog
The very common collared-dove
A  swallow
An olive tree warbler
Herring gull

Bonelli’s eagle