sarpa salpa

Diplodus vulgaris or two banded sea bream this is one fish I have never seen of any size, perhaps when they get bigger they move into deeper waters ?

Spicara smaris or Picard

Sarpa salpa or Salema is also called a sea bream is fairly common and travels in big shoals which makes it popular with fishermen.

A Common Pandora in the foreground with a White bream

The Painted comber Serranus scriba

A Sand Goby

diplodus sargus

Lithognathus mormyrus or striped sea bream is more often seen in groups of two or three or with other species of fish.

Diplodus sargus or white sea bream this fish always seems to hang around close to rocks.

Coris Julis or Rainbow Wrasse, this is either a juvenile or a hen fish

A Gar Fish

Mullus surmuletus  or Striped Red Mullet

A Goby

Possibly Gobius Couch’s

A Grey Mullet

Chelon labrosus

Oblada melanura/Saddled bream

Chomis chomis


Ornate Wrasse

Boxlip Mullet

Oedalechilus labeo

Pompano Trachinotus ovatus