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October flowers in the mountains
blackstonia perfoliata yellow wort.jpg chrysanthemum coronarium crown daisy capparis spinosa caper solanum nigrum black nightshade

Capparis spinosa a Caper

A Crown daisy called Chrysanthemum coronarium

Blackstonia perfoliata the yellow wort

Solanum nigrum the Black nightshade

Silene gallica the small flowered catchfly

Centranthus ruber the red valerian

Silene colorata

Chrysanthemun segetum the corn marigold

Allium nigrum


Echium , if anyone knows the  species I would love to know.

Torylium apulum

Malva cretica

Muscari comosum the Tassel Hyacinth

triflium angustifolium

Trifolium angustifolium

Rosa sempervirens

Iberis umbellata a Candytuft

Linum pubescens

Salsify which is commonly grown as a vegetable

Tordylium apulum. The fragrant leaves are used as flavourings in salads etc

Two pretty Aubretias

Verbascum sinuatum one of the mullions At one time the seeds were used in Greece as a fish poison

Sternbergia lutea the common name is a winter daffodil

sea daffodi

The sea daffodil  Pancratium maritimum

Arum italicum or Large Cuckoo Pint. Which was used for everything from ear-aches, a stuffy nose, sores, breathing problems, lesions, cough, throat congestion, cloudy urine, and eye problems
Daucus carota (wild carrot)
Cercis siliquastrum (Judas tree)
Lysimachia atropurpurea
(Purple loose strife )

Malva sylvestris


Calluna vulgaris




Yellow star thistle

Anthemis rigida

Anthemis rigida the rayless Chamomile

Tragopogon porrifolius

Bellis perennis

Daisy Bellis perennis When worn, helps in flirting. Brings love and a Cranebill Geranium molle.