Kalivioti - Aghios Nikolaos            Map

Approximately 3.5 miles.  Allow 2 hours.


Ascent:- 420 feet

Refreshments:- Tavernas/Cafes at Kalivioti and Notos

This walk takes you  from Kalivioti harbour along the quiet coast road ascending to the village of Aghios Nikolaos and then tracks and paths through olive groves and open clearings to reach the road back to the harbour.

The walk starts at Kaliviota harbour next to the taverna.

From the harbour walk in a westerly direction along the coast road with the sea on the right hand side to eventually pass a rocky cliff face on the left and a taverna situated up lots of steps. Ahead around the bay are views of Petriti.

The road then heads inland away from the coast passing an old pink building on the left and an olive grove to the right.  Follow this road ignoring a road off to the right ( which is the coast road to Notos) and carry on up the hill through olive groves. At the top of the hill on a left hand bend is a taverna on the right hand side. Carry on down the road passing on the right a rooms to let sign and a Greek flag flying and then a small holding on a right hand bend.

Just after this bend you reach a junction (approx. 30 minutes from the start) Here turn left and follow the road uphill soon entering the village of Aghios Nikolaos.

At the next junction turn left up the hill. At the top of the hill ignore the road around to the right and carry straight on along a rough concrete track. This soon becomes a rough dirt track where to the right are views of the villages of Vasilatika, Kouspades and Hlomos up on the hill. Carry on through olive groves and the track again becomes rough concrete and bends around to the right. You then carry on uphill keeping the village views on the right hand side.

Soon the track levels out and there are views of Petriti and down to the sea on the left hand side. Carry on to reach a junction (height of 420 feet) where you turn right (approx 1 hour from the start). ( If you carry straight on here you will eventually reach the mast at the very summit).

After turning right follow this track down through the olive groves passing a fenced off area on the right hand side. The track then becomes rough and more grassy and soon starts to fade to become a narrow path through the olive groves where there are grassy patches covered in wild flowers.


In a short while you pass a small church up the bank on the left hand side (approx 1 hour 15 minutes from the start). From the church, which makes a great picnic place, there are views of Perivoli.

The path then becomes a wider track and then a very rough concrete road. Carry on down hill to the bottom passing a rough concrete track and then through the olives passing a small holding on the right and a drive to a house on the left and immediately ignoring a track to the right.

You soon join a tarmac road (approx 1 hour 30 minutes from the start). Here carry straight on to a junction and turn left along this quiet village road past houses and back to the harbour and the start of the walk.


kaliviota-harbour.jpg kaliviota-beach.jpg aghios-nikolaos-1.jpg aghios-nikolaos-2.jpg aghios-nikolaos-2.jpg