Kouspades  - Hlomos church - Boukari       Map

Approximately  6 miles (3 hours)


Ascent:- 900 feet

Refreshments:- Tavernas/Cafes at Boukari and Hlomos

This walk takes you either from the village of Kouspades or Boukari ascending along tracks and footpaths to reach Hlomos and it’s church with the fantastic views over the south of the island from east to west coasts and then down and along the quiet coast road back to Boukari or Kouspades.

The walk starts in Kouspades village. The parking is limited here and so you may wish to start the walk from Boukari. It goes to Hlomos church with the fantastic views to the south and then onto the coastal road next to the sea to Boukari.

 Turn right near the centre of the village by the Boukari Beach sign. Carry on up past the church bearing left then right passing the village square and the Doctors with the red cross sign, ignoring  turns to the right and left. You then pass grape vines on the left. There are views to the sea on the right and the view of Hlomos on the hill in front, then you pass a small holding on the right.


At the next junction, if you wish, bear right for views of the coast and then retrace your steps and take the left fork straight on uphill. Ignore a track on the left and ignore a second track on the left descending into a concrete track which soon turns to a stone track, ignoring another track to the left. After 20 metres the track ends and here you take a faint path up through the olive trees.


Carry on up this path to eventually reach a concrete road. Here turn left up this road for approximately 200 metres to reach its end. Here turn left onto a path and you soon pass a concrete building with corrogated roofing on the left and up a couple of staggered steps .Then turn right up two steps where there is a house on the right  (GPS reading 39-27-26 and 019-57-34).

Here there are views  behind of the sea and coastline. The path passes up between houses. Carry on up and bear right by an electric pole up steps, and then turn right by another electric pole, then left, then right again and keep going uphill to reach the road and Hlomos church. (It took us approximately 1 hour and 10 minutes to reach the church 900 feet above sea level.(GPS reading 39-27-30 and 019-57-28).


From the church turn left along the road and make your way down hill to the coast. Turn right on the coast road and follow this road  along by the sea to Boukari.  When you reach the small harbour turn right beside the Sunset Hotel and walk  up the hill back to Kouspades.


kouspades track.jpg red blob.png hlomos view.jpg