Messongi - Chlomatiana - Spileo

Approximately 4.5 miles. Allow 2 Hours


Ascent:- 400 feet

Refreshments:- Tavernas/Cafes at Messongi, Chlomatiana and Spileo

This walk takes you from Messongi up a quiet road to Chlomatiana and it’s church then along tracks both open and through olive groves to reach the small village of Spileo and then down the road back to Messongi.

The start of this walk is on the Messongi to Hlomos road at the sign ‘Traditional village of Chlomatiana Wonderful View’ from the village church. It is almost opposite the junction down to the Messongi coast road.

Take this tarmac road with an olive grove on the right hand side and follow it passing a church on the right and then following a stream on the left hand side. After approximately 40 minutes you reach the village of Chlomatiana and a road junction where you carry on up into the village.(If you turn left at this junction it takes you to a taverna named ‘Apxovllko’) This is approximately 1.5 miles from Messongi.

Follow the road through the village passing a turn to the right and when you see a cafe in front of you in a very small square turn sharp left up a path painted with white lines across it to reach the church and the wonderful views both inland and down over the coast. Retrace your steps back down from the church and take the alley way painted with white lines across it to the left of the cafe and at a junction carry on around to the left to reach a telegraph pole with a sign on it ‘Spileo Messongi’. Carry on here, ignoring the right turn , down the rough stony track through the olive groves ignoring tracks to the right and left and eventually ascending. The track becomes a stretch of concrete and then stony again.

On reaching a junction turn left and there are views of Moraitika and the coast and Aghios Matheos mountain on the left hand side. You eventually pass a well and a tin hut on the left hand side. You then start to descend slightly through the olive groves bending around to the right, ignoring a left hand turn. There are open views of the sea on the left. Carry on this main stony track ascending slightly until you reach a main junction and follow the track around to the left. You soon descend down a concrete road into the small village of Spileo passing the 75 Steps Restaurant on the right hand side to reach the Messongi to Hlomos road. Turn left onto this road and head downhill to Messongi and the start.