Kouspades - Hlomos - Kouspades  

Approximately 3.75 miles.  Allow 2  to 2 5 hours



Refreshments:- Tavernas/ Cafes at Hlomos

This walk takes you along village roads ,up tracks, through olive groves to reach the village of Hlomos and then back down to Kouspades following a long stretch of path through the olive groves and then picking up tracks again.

The walk starts in the village of Kouspades on the Boukari road.

Head east up through the village passing a snack bar on the right hand side (this is only open in the winter months) until you reach a junction where there is a small village shop  and then a bus shelter on the left. At this junction bear right and head downhill soon coming to a small shop  on the right . Straight after this shop turn right into a small concrete street with white painted lines across it and carry on to eventually descend to a rough track next to a house on the left, ignoring the right hand bend opposite the house.

Descend down this rough track through the olive grove and after approximately 50 metres bear around to the left ignoring a track off to the right. After approximately another 20 metres take a track off to the right. Go down this track and on reaching a junction  turn right. Then at the next junction bear around to the right and at the next junction turn left ascending. On reaching another junction turn left again still ascending to eventually reach a stone wall on the left hand side where you bear around to the right and where there is also a stone wall on the right.

Walk straight ahead between the walls into the olive grove and walk through a gap in the wall in front of you. Carry on through the olive grove, which could be overgrown , in a slightly left south westerly direction towards the stone wall in front of you. Clamber over this wall and bear right through the olive grove heading towards some tin huts and then bearing right of the huts and after a few minutes you come out of the olive grove next to the huts onto a track(It looks like charcoal is made here).

Carry on along this track descending slightly. At the bottom of this track ignore a right turn and carry on bearing around to the left to reach a junction. At this junction turn right. Along here are views up to Hlomos on the right hand side. On reaching another main junction fork off to the left and ascend up this track ignoring all left and right hand turns. It eventually turns to a concrete track and passes a disused quarry on the right before coming to the main Hlomos road where you turn right and head up the hill towards Hlomos. At the next junction turn right  and carry on heading into the village passing a couple of tavernas on the right and left hand sides. On the right are lovely views over the south of the island from the east to west coasts.The road soon becomes narrower and turns to a crazy paved street taking you into a small village square where you turn right and descend down a narrow paved street, ignoring a turn to the left, to reach a house straight in front of you. On the right are a couple of steps . Go down these steps turning left onto a path, over a drain covering and down two staggered steps passing a concrete building with corrogated roofing on the right. Carry on down this rough path until you reach a concrete road. Turn right here and walk down this road for approximately 200 metres until you reach a sign marked footpath to Boukari. Turn right onto this faint path and follow it down through the olive grove. At the bottom of the olive grove you come to a track in front of you. Ascend up this stony track which turns to concrete ignoring a turn off to the right. Carry on passing another two tracks to the right.

Carry on down until you come to a junction and ignore the left turn ( if you wish to turn left here there are lovely views along here over the coast but retrace your steps back again).Bearing right carry on down passing a small holding on the left to eventually reach the village of Kouspades. Follow the village street passing a doctors with a red cross sign on the right hand side. You then pass through the village square bearing left and then right and passing the church which is on your right hand side down to reach the Boukari road and the start.